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Time for End of Sham Democracy in Pakistsan

Good review of sit & analysis by Akhtar Malik sahib. All the status quo forces have joined hand PPP is also part of this UnHoly Alliance. TUQ & IK are different but can coop on min joint common agenda. THIS IS FINAL BATTLE FOR CHANGE viz STATUS QUO. . political manipulation, gimmick is required to beat crooks who are rich & powerful..


A nationwide protest movement against electoral rigging is in the offing. Imran Khan has announced that the protest will not be stopped till its logical outcome- the electoral reforms to ensure fair and free elections- is achieved. Parallel to PTI, another movement is also being launched by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri of PAT, with the aim of revamping the whole corrupt system that has played havoc with the lives and properties of the citizens. Both the leaders have pledged not to support martial law but to install a real democracy that will reflect the aspirations of poor masses and down trodden strata of soc…

Imran Khan on the go against Rigged Elections

Imran khan full speech at faisalabad Jalsaby zemtv عمران خان کی تحریک وقت اور حالات نے عمران خان جیسے سیدھے سادے شخص کو بھی آزمودہ کار سیاستدان بنادیاہے۔ انہوں نے الیکشن میں ہونے والی دھاندلی کے خلاف ملک گیر تحریک شروع کر کے ایک تیر سے کئی شکار کئے ہیں۔ دفاعی کے بجائے جارحانہ کھیل کھیل کر تحریک انصاف کی صوبائی حکومت گرانے اور اسے ناکام بنانے کی کوششوں اور سازشوںکو ناکام بنادیا۔ جلسے جلوسوں نے تحریک انصاف کے اندر جاری توڑپھوڑ کو بھی روک دیا۔ مایوس نوجوان حامیوںاور پارٹی کارکنوں میں روایتی جوش وخروش دوبارہ عود کر آگیا ۔علاوہ ازیں خیبر پختون خوا (کے پی کے) کی صوبائی حکومت کو سکون کا کچھ موقع مل گیا ۔ نون لیگ نے اپنے بہترین سیاسی مہرے مہتاب عباسی کو خیبر پی کے کا گورنر بنا کر ترپ کا پتہ پھینکا تھا۔خیال تھا کہ بتدریج خان کو دبائو میں لایاجائے۔فضل الرحمن، آفتاب شیرپائو اور اسفند یار ولی کے اشتراک، گورنر ہائوس کی سرپرستی اور نون لیگ کے ماتحت وفاقی افسروں اور اداروں کے تعاون سے تحریک انصاف کی حکومت کو گرادیا جائے یا کم ازکم ناکام بنا دیا جائے۔ لیکن عمران خان کے جوابی حملے نے نہ صرف اس چال کو…

Social sector: Welcome to NGO hell!

“ You’ve no idea how difficult it is to live in this country and do what I do. Each day it gets more difficult, but we put up a brave face and do our fashion shows in the face of terrorism,” she said before turning around to a colleague who then added, “I’ve never even felt the need to sell clothes to Pakistanis.” It may be hard to believe but by recalling these conversations, the intention is certainly not to mock anyone or their profession. Bizarrely enough, these conversations are heard too often and replied to with a rather patronising “We are here to listen to your problems”. The fact is that the person responsibly listening to the conversation has no authority to be able to resolve the issues in a local context; he or she is usually a foreign diplomat with a curated list of ‘influencers’ who they must speak to, in order to understand the country better — a dangerous, unpredictable and obviously exotic country that they’ve been posted to for roughly a year. In one such conversati…

Imran Khan: Historic speech at Sialkot

Imran Khan Speech at PTI Jalsa Sialkotby AwaizPunjani
Imran khan full speech at faisalabad Jalsaby zemtv Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) head Imran Khan said that no change could come to Pakistan without free and fair elections. Addressing thousands of supporters in Faisalabad, Khan said that no power can stop people from making a new Pakistan. He slammed PML-N for its attempts to distract people from attending the PTI’s rally. "I want to tell the PML-N that there is no price of passion and ideology," he said. “A year has passed since the establishment of PML-N government, but there is no positive change in the country,” he said. “Laptops are being distributed to buy youth. I want to ask youth if they are getting jobs,” he asked. “I am the only politician who is given money to run the Shaukat Khanum Hospital.” Khan said that the PML-N government broke all records of foreign loans in just one year instead of breaking the begging bowl. He pledged that he would tax the rich after…

A Jinnah for all

Ever since Jinnah`s death in 1948, we have been gazing intensely at our navels to figure out what the founder of Pakistan said and/or didn`t say. Many of us have our own set of quotes of a man who passed away just one year after the creation of this country.

I have been going through Jinnah`s numerous speeches that he delivered from 1946 till his unfortunate death in 1948.

It seems Jinnah was everything to everyone a progressive nationalist to the liberals; a faithful religionist to the religious right; a middle-of-theroad Muslim statesman to the moderates.

But the truth (to me) is that first and foremost he was a sharp politician. And like all good politicians, Jinnah was a pragmatist, adjusting his words according to his immediate surroundings.

For example, in multicultural Karachi he would insist that the state of Pakistan was to be progressive and democratic.

In Lahore, the scene of vicious Hindu-Muslim riots, and where many clerics had accused him of being a `fake Muslim leader`…

Exploring extremism