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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In War on Terror, Pakistan Piles Up Heavy Losses

Pakistan's Army Has Lost Roughly Twice as Many Soldiers in the Conflict with Taliban Fighters as the U.S.
Cpl. Hamid Raza, right, helps Cpl. Mohammed Yakub at a Rawalpindi hospital full of casualties of Pakistan army battles against the Pakistani Taliban. Each day, Cpl. Hamid Raza helps strap Cpl. Mohammed Yakub to a physiotherapy bench, lifts it and wipes the sweat off his bewildered comrade's forehead. Eyes darting, Cpl. Yakub often screams and grunts through the procedure, flailing his hands.
"Traumatic head injury," Cpl. Raza says softly. "He realizes it's me, and he tries to speak, but he can't. He can't eat, he can't talk, he can't remember the words."
Both men are fortunate to be alive. A year ago, a Taliban roadside bomb hit a truck ferrying Pakistani soldiers from Cpl. Raza's 18th Punjab Battalion after a troop rotation in the North Waziristan tribal region on the Afghan frontier. Seventeen men were killed, and only a handful survived. It was their first home leave.
The Pakistani army has lost roughly twice as many soldiers in the conflict with Taliban fighters as the U.S. It is a toll that keeps rising as American forces prepare to withdraw from next-door Afghanistan by December amid an intensifying war on both sides of the border. Keep reading >>>>>>

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