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Monday, March 19, 2012

Universe Science & God

People always thought as to who created the universe. Some religions did provide answers mostly spiritual and mythological. The recent advancement in scientific knowledge lead to the Creator of the universe, conforming to the indications mentioned in the last scripture centuries ago. This presentation tries to answer the mind-boggling scientific quest for God. The obvious miraculous way the universe has been created & balanced to support life points towards existence of the Creator. The phenomena like "Quantum Entanglement" leads to the existence of God like many other scientific evidences.  The presentation is in 3 parts: Part-1: Universe: Introduction 00:00 - 13:30 Minutes [Duration 13:30 Minutes] Part-2: Theories of Creation 13:31-51:50 Minutes [Duration 37:19 Minutes] Part-3: Scientific Evidence of God 52:51- 80:48 Minutes [Duration 25:57 Minutes