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Bad Governance & Democracy

Let me start with the famous remark made by Winston Churchill on democracy: “Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” It is quite common in Pakistan to see people complaining against democratic governments over every major or minor issue. There is widespread public disappointment with the performance of governments today, but this has always been the case whenever we have had elected governments. Let us acknowledge, with open minds, that dynastic leaders, parties, the electoral elite, political families and powerful political groups, in every region of Pakistan, have very few achievements and little success to show to the public. They are long and strong on rhetoric and very short and weak on performance.

Paris equals Peshawar?

Can Paris and Peshawar have a fundamental moral equivalence at some basic minimum level? Can we in Pakistan say with all our hearts that slaughtering of innocent men, women and children cannot be justified under any pretext? Can we bring ourselves to genuinely proclaim that there must be no ‘but’ when condemning the slaughter of innocents? If the answer is yes, it proves we can de-complicate the layers upon layers of toxic arguments in favour of violence against ‘others’ that we have internalised over the decades.But if the answer is in the negative, or falls somewhere in the middle, let us then admit that our supposed consensus against terrorism rests on very thin ice. As it does for the United States. And the United Kingdom. And France. Washington, London and Paris do not shed tears for Islamabad when blood splatters on our soil. Their domestic consensus on terrorism is a consensus on keeping them safe. Their history is based on ‘otherness’ and therefore hard-nosed policy trumps hu…


Why Electoral Reforms in Pakistan? The political instability in Pakistan is generally attributed to the frequent military interventions, though apparently true but history is witness that military only intervenes once incompetent corrupt politicians fail miserably. The people always welcome the change, but after few years the military rulers also fail to deliver and leave in more mess. Then "Democracy" is restored but again they are booted out, the cycle continues. keep reading >> 
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Peace in pluristic societies through tolerance

“The people of India thrived in a pluralistic society from the time of Ashoka until the British arrived there and started their divide and rule policy,” said historian Dr Mubarak Ali.“There are two kinds of societies –– pluralistic and monistic. Pluralistic society is a diverse society based on tolerance for all kinds of beliefs whereas theories of monism give way to a society where there is no freedom of thought and everyone is expected to have one belief. There are examples of such societies in old Europe where wars over religion and ideology would take place and people who didn’t follow Christianity migrated from their lands in their search for peace,” Dr Mubarak Ali said.“During the Mauryra period Ashoka realised the effects of war over petty issues of difference and thought of starting a model secular and united society where all religions are accepted by everyone. Then when the Turks arrived in India, things further improved as they brought with them technology which improved th…