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I’m a Muslim woman, Mr Cameron: here’s what your radicalisation speech means to me

Dear Mr Cameron,What did your speech on radicalisation this week actually mean to someone like me?Despite being born in Manchester, growing up here and being a proud Mancunian (let’s overlook my support for Liverpool FC), for the first time in 37 years I feel as though I don’t belong. And yes, I am Muslim. Just a British Muslim.I used to hear the term “Muslim community” and think of a peaceful hard-working community who settled in the UK to create a better future for generations to come. Now I hear that and it paints a picture of a misunderstood, frightened community under attack and feeling the need to continually apologise and defend its religious beliefs.There have been many responses to your speech, and some well-researched analyses. But I need you to listen to someone like me. I need to have confidence that the person shaping my children’s future has an understanding of the impact of legislation imposed by you and your government.Let’s start with the proposal regarding passports.…

Politics and conflict

Just a reminder: politics is not about grabbing and retaining power by every fair and foul mean, or using power for personal ends. Another reminder: since politics is essentially about power and power relations, it is a universal practice, and happens everywhere, whether you have a state or stateless tribal society, and whether you are a strong or a weak state. Also, there is good politics and bad politics. I am using the idea of good or bad in politics from a citizen’s perspective. From this end of the power spectrum, good politics is about ensuring wellbeing, security, stability, happiness, freedom and generally the progress of society, where an individual citizen finds opportunity to pursue the ideals of his life.The bad politics is quite the opposite of it; it diminishes the individual, shortens life, and what happens around the individual becomes nasty and brutish — to paraphrase Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), one of the great English thinkers of all time. Nothing of the sort of poli…

Here's How You Could Have Inherited Your Anxiety

Having anxiety can make us feel out of control and totally alone. However, research suggests that we may not need to look much further than our own family trees to find other people dealing with the same issues, because we could have inherited a lot of those anxious tendencies. 
In the study, published online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers mildly stressed out 592 young rhesus monkeys by having an experimenter intrude into their space without making eye contact. Then, each subject underwent positron emission tomography brain scans (PET), which monitor metabolism in specific mood-related brain areas. The researchers also monitored the monkeys' behavioral responses to the situation.
The monkeys also underwent another kind of brain scan that allowed researchers to look at the anatomy of each brain and compare it to the rest of their family tree.
Results showed that the monkeys that reacted more strongly to the anxiety-producing situation — b…

15 Ways To Slowly Destroy Your Career: کیرئیر کو بتدریج تباہ کردینے والی 15 غلطیاں

There are big mistakes that can instantly ruin your reputation at work or even get you fired. But more commonly, it's the gradual accumulation of smaller offenses that keeps employees from getting ahead in their careers. Bad habits, such as giving curt responses to emails or keeping to yourself all day, could be hurting your reputation — whether you realize it or not. Here are 15 bad behaviors that will slowly erode your credibility and cost you in the end. 1. You don't adapt to the company culture. Every workplace operates under its own set of social customs. Not making an effort to assimilate into this culture can make you seem disapproving or judgmental. This holier-than-thou attitude is alienating to coworkers and makes it seem like you don't care about forming positive relationships in the office. 2. You make excuses. Not taking responsibility for your mistakes and failures will catch up with you. Waiting until the day a project is due to explain why you'…

Democracy, Martial Law Mix or else?

No, no my friends you’re getting it all wrong. We are not debating the Caesar option. That’s dead. But you people are insistent on keeping your eyes wide shut to the unfolding realities of today.Wake the hell up, boys.The stunning contrast between the popularity of the army and the dismal performance of the civilians is sending ripples across muddied political waters, and shivers up many a spine. Once again there is hushed talk of a creeping power grab as the electoral system commits suicide in slow motion.Are we heading back to the future?Hang on just a minute. Before we all instinctively put on our ideological bifocals, let’s just take a deep breath, step back, and survey the political landscape. See that heap of trash in the corner? That’s the debris of institution-building. And that stinking mound of rot? That’s individual rights and liberties. Oh and look at that pile of rubble corroding quietly: that’s the rule of law. The junk over there is the police; and the filth in the corn…