Watch out! Sunstroke can cause instant death: Prevention

LAHORE - Sunstroke can cause instant death during the scorching summers if preventive measures are not adopted. Principal Khawaja Safdar Medical College Prof Dr.Zafar Ali Chaudhary told APP here on Sunday that sun stroke occurs due to failure of body's heat regulating mechanism and men particularly elderly people are more prone to sun strokes as compared to women.
Highlighting the symptoms of the stroke, he said, in the first step the body water is lost through incessant perspiration which causes the internal body temperature shoot up to dangerous levels--and could go as high as 106 degree F.
Principal Shaikh Zayed Medical College Prof Dr.Zafar Iqbal advised that the victims should be immediately moved to a cooler place and be given cold water or ice sponging in the limbs to restore the blood circulation. The victims should also be administered salt and water through drips, he added. Medical Superintendent,Mayo Hospital,Dr.Zahid Pervaiz, a prominent family phayscian, also advised people to avoid direct exposure to heat and stay indoors as much as possible. He further advised them to cover the head and neck while going out.
He said that plenty of chilled drinks with a dash of salt are a good preventive measure. Citing the importance of oriental drinks such as lassi, sattu, shakkar sharbat, lemon water, he said 
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