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Why don't we follow our Real Leader? عوام کا انتقام اور ایجننسیوں کے ٹاؤٹ لیاڈر


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حج عید ظہا تمام دنیا میں ؟ Hajj and Eid on one day?

Unfortunately it is very difficult for Muslims all over the world to celebrate Eid one day though science has progressed. What to talk of world we can not agree on one Eid day in Pakistan. The development of modern science should be taken to advantage, keeping in view the Islamic traditions and Islamic law [fiqh] the scholars may consider   اجتہاد Ijtihad. The goal is not to put any new innovation  or division to create sects.  The Islamic scholars should consider that Hajj is the only single pillar of Islam which is related with the holy place Makkah in the month of Zilhajj. While Salah, Zakah and Fasting can be performed any where . Hajj can only be performed at Makkah. It appears strange that Hajj is performed at Arafat on 25 October 2012 and in Pakistan later, followed by animal sacrifice on Eid ul Adha. 
Hence the Hajj and Eid ul Hajj can be celebrated by Muslims the world over on the day it is performed at Makkah. This will display unity of Ummh. As far as sacrificial offering is co…

Lords of justice

Has the Pakistani media, like a pack of wolves, been baying under the wrong tree waiting for the fox (the president) to come down? Two visiting lawyers from Pakistan seem to think so. Why just target politicians? Why give judges a ‘free pass?’ they ask. “The number of critical cases crying out for their attention is in thousands. Yet, everyone, including the judges, is fixated on nabbing the president.”
Such is the inarguable reality. Until recently, everything hung on the Zardari government writing a letter to the Swiss! Remember the child play we indulged in about dropping a handkerchief while sitting in a circle and singing ‘I sent a letter to my friend and all the way I dropped it.’ Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening since the day (Dec 16, 2009) when the apex court declared the NRO unconstitutional. The government continued ‘dropping’ the letter and the court kept going in circles looking for it.
Deadlines set by the judges for the letter came and went. They left Zardari …

The hidden truth

Truth can be bitter and knowing it may also be disastrous. Individuals or nations in pursuit of truth are either shocked and disappointed, feel a sense of loss or perhaps even satisfaction.
Not knowing the truth could be blissful but it can also create a thirst to know more. Curiosity is the force that makes one investigate, probe and detect the truth.
In Oedipus the King, Sophocles, the Greek dramatist, narrates the story of Oedipus who was curious to know who the killer of his father was. He asked Teiresias, a blind prophet to tell him the truth. Teiresias told him that it was better not to know because truth was disastrous. At his insistence, Teiresias told Oedipus that he was the killer of his father and the queen whom he married was his mother. It devastated him. The queen committed suicide and he blinded himself, wandered from one place to another, and eventually died a miserable death.
Truth becomes painful when religious or ideological beliefs are challenged. When Stalin’s cr…

قائد اعظم محمّد علی جناح نے صوبہ سرحد کی حکومت کیوں برطرف کی؟ Why Jinnah dismissed NWFP government?




Attack on Malala Yousufzai by Takfiri Taliban and their fake ideology of terror

Pakistan is in an uproar over the targeted shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai by the Taliban. The Taliban, quick to claim responsibility for the attack, called her advocacy for the education of children, and particularly that of girls, in Swat an “obscenity”, warning the rest of Pakistan to not follow in her footsteps: “let this be a lesson”. With this tragic incident, Pakistan is at a crossroads in the war for its future. The two paths in front of the country are clear. It can tumble down the route of Afghanistan or take the long and uphill route to becoming a relatively peaceful and prosperous country. Keep reading >>>>

Illogical Logic غیر منطقی منطق of Takfiri Taliban to kill innocent people in Pakistan- Refuted

Imran Khan's Anti Drone Attack March to Waziristan

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Pakistan's Imran Khan starts anti-drone protest
The political administration of Waziristan has prevented PTI’s rally from entering Kotkai on the grounds that they have  not no objection certificate by excavating the big ditches on the way of procession , lead by PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Earlier Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan said  while addressing a large number of supporters at Tank that PTI has achieved the purpose of long march by conveying the message against drone attacks to international community. He said US drone attacks are violation of international laws and human rights. Addressing to a …