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Friday, January 13, 2012

Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar- Modern Scholar of "Practical" Islam

Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar (born April 15, 1941) is a notable self made Sufi Islamic scholar from Pakistan. He is from Gujar Khan. A graduate of Government College,Lahore, he has been associated with teaching for years. Finally,  in Gujar Khan, near Islamabad he started delivering lectures on different Islamic and philosophical topics and this eventually grew to such an extent that he had to travel all over the country and different places in the world. Many of his lectures have been published in books.

Islam Faith Sufism اسلام ایمان تصوف 

 Humanity اسلام ایمان اور انسان 
Video Playlist: Religion Past,Present & Future by Prof Ahmad Rafique Ahtar [Urdu] مذہب ماضی، حال اور مستقبل پروفیسر احمد رفیق اختر سے 
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Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a distinguished Muslim scholar of Modern Era. The enlightenment of his thoughts has heralded the dawn of a new age in the present world. Due to his acquaintance with books, intricate queries in his wits; he studied literature, philosophy, Mythologies and all contemporary subjects during his student life. His tendency of intensive study led him to think profoundly about God. This inquisitiveness of mind continued its progress towards the logical end. He was gifted with a philosophical approach which is not satisfied without scrutinizing the process of intellectual capacity, objectively according to scientific principles. At the stage of his career choice, his exuberance and intelligence reached its pinnacle when he was faced with the most problematical query of its nature," Does God exist or Does he not ", "Am I free or to be accountable in front of an unseen divine force."

He started the journey of his mental investigation from doubt and denial. The center of attention and the direction of his study and meditation took eight years of his life; he dedicated all his investigation and struggle to find a reason to deny the existence of God. His thesis was very simple, if a man commits thousands of mistakes he still remains a human being, but if we find even one mistake of God, He can not be a God. Thus he declared the criterion to find God; he had to uncover only one error in God's words," The Quran". All his explorations, scientific investigations and academic researches and findings were rendered futile when he found that his efforts lead him to the confirmation of the Quran and existence of God. Consequently he made God his first and foremost priority. He was already a teacher but the focus of his teaching had now diverted to his findings about God. He believes that God has to be the top priority of every single intellectual curiosity. [By: Mr. Syed Anjum M.Gillani]

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Islam Faith Sufism اسلام ایمان تصوف:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A4338712D97FD5D
Islam Faith Humanity اسلام ایمان اور انسان: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDC389D8CF9988706

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