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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Change on the Cards: Imran Khan


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan claimed some time back that a big change was on the cards in Pakistan as masses are looking towards his party to solve their problems.

Talking to politician and traders from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who joined the PTI here at the party Central Secretariat, Imran Khan said next few months were crucial, and a big change was about to take place on the national horizon.

He said through ballot box, a historic revolution would take place in Pakistan during the next general election, and he said people looked towards his party for saying goodbye to US slavery and bringing economic stability in the country.

“Future politics will be focused on two major points—how to get rid of the US subjugation and ensure economic stability,” the PTI chairman maintained while welcoming the delegates to his party.

Imran believed without the removal of incumbent rulers, who had bargained for a few dollars on the life and honour of Pakistanis, needed to be removed for which the PTI would hold countrywide demonstrations and also stage historic sit-ins in Lahore and Multan. The PTI chairman continued a final round would be played in Islamabad to send the rulers packing and pressure would also be mounted on fake rulers in Punjab.
Imran Khan Answers Intriguing Questions
Reader Comments
Imran Khan - the only truly highly qualified, courageous, clean and capable Head of a Pakistani Political Party carrying no ugly baggage in his really rare presentable Profile. To make most meaningful contribution to protect Pakistan, every sane Pakistani, specially the Youth must dedicate available time and energies to PTI and add his voice and vote for Imran. May Allah be His Saviour and Supporter. [Qayyumkhan, Pakistan]

Imran Khan is Pakistan's last chance. He is the only hope. May Allah shower him with Success.[M Khan, UAE]

Imran is the only hope now ... we should support him but imp thing is he should have the good team to lead so start gathering the good representative with imran [Junaid Aftab, Pakistan]

our last hope is imran khan.which is totally different from other stupid currupt leader of pakistan .inshallah next election will be won by imran khan to remove rabbar stamp govt, of pakistan, [sahib ur rehman, Pakistan]

the great leader of pakistan.last of of pakitani awam.Imran khan..... we need change [Rana Tarik Javed, Pakistan]

Imran, If I trust anybody in Pakistan, it is you. However, what I always struggle with is: who are your team members? how does your cabinet look like? will you be able to control corrupt mindset of Pakistanis? seems like eveyone who gets a chance tries to milk this once-beautiful home of ours. What measures will you take to hold your team accountable aqnd stay away from corruption? [Wasim USA]

Imran's only one quality outweighs his opponents by far. He is HONEST. I can name 10 more but this is enough. Look at what career/professional politicians & generals have given to this country. We have to be crazy to give them another chance.

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