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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cure Corruption Eradicate Terrorism

Pakistani Nation cries and bleeds at hands of corrupt practices which effects majority of society. Few benefit and successfully make others hostage to this corrupt culture. These few play with emotions of majority from rich as well as poor segments of society and use tools and techniques to convince that progress only lies in moving in line with the corrupt culture. The proposal of declaration of assets by the politicians and government employees and empowering organizations like FIA and NAB are all efforts in same direction but they all stop short of finality showing clear absence of will to do. Even the constitutional amendment to decrease the number of cabinet members was passed to be effective from next assembly. Unfortunately the continuation of this system keeps filtering out the honest who stand up and show that Pakistan can progress its institutions can grow and its citizens can prosper and glow.
 An amazing article in one of the national dailies uncovered the facts from the railway scam when it said,  “Keeping aside the rough and rude behaviour of ex-army general after their recent appearance in NAB, if facts of the case are analysed objectively and without any emotions, the Railways Palm Golf Course was a wonderful deal”.  Most successful projects of Pakistan Railways’ history went into  scrutiny of standing committees who never visited the site which is indicative of the true objectives behind such inquiries. A Senate standing committee however did visit the site and declared it a good deal. Public Accounts Committee also took up the matter in 2005 and all issues were settled after detailed briefing by the then secretary Railways, Shakil Durrani. Re-Emergence of this case has once again refreshed the  blurring memories of Pakistan railway success in early part of this century which seem diminishing under burden of  a miserable state of present railways . The Railway pamphlet showing data of year 2002 says that railways earned Rs 13033 million and paid back Rs 5.50 billion back to the State Bank in 2002. The over draft from State Bank was decreased from 39% in 1999 to minus 10% in 2002 when the repayment to State Bank started. The passenger trains reaching in time, neat and clean railway stations and luggage trains boom registering increase in passenger and freight revenues  now seem like a dream was once a reality not very far in past. However, the investigations must still be done, evidence processed and completed, charges tried as it goes in interest of even the accused. If again found innocent will emerge even purer and if found otherwise deserve punishment. The only cost may be that few will again succeed in diverting attention of the majority.
Pakistan’s  main problem is not the existence of corruption. The fertile culture which help breeds and flourish  corruption and terrorism is the most lucrative and profitable activity in Pakistan. An environment leading towards lax government and more mafia control is the real worry. Till such time we attack the basics of this culture of corruption in Pakistan and provide a culture of deterrence to culprits , no positive improvement should be expected in any sphere of life. We must be aware of the fact that corruption is a bigger menace than terrorism. Presently the corrupt, land grabbers, ransom kidnappers and Bhatta mafia move hand in glove with the terrorists. Karachi stands as a live example where the corrupt and terrorist use the political parties to implement their culture and the entire country suffers. Country like India which also faces corruption challenges show a visible desire to overcome this problem. After signing agreements with 48 countries, India will shortly ink pacts with 42 more nations to bring back black money. Union minister of state for parliamentary affairs Harish Rawat told that once these agreements are signed, India will be in a position to bring back black money stashed in different banks abroad. The beauty of institutional decision which carry sincerity and a vision into future can be gauged by the control which you relegate to others who can impose a check on to your own decisions if they fall contrary to a corruption and terror free culture.
There is no dearth of ideas and suggestions and most of them have cogent reasoning and  plausible explanations. The  lack of implementation strategy and will to do under short term personal and party objectives dictated by corrupt and terror mafia seems to be the main hurdle. This culture formed by corrupt and terrorists is a parasite on long term National objectives . Most of the cases start and end in media without seeing day light of any worthwhile conclusion. The redefining of role for institutions like army by some intellectuals in  the media is injurious . Army has primary role to safe guard borders, it can only support internal security forces.The steps leading to weakening of institutions in Pakistan must be checked as we move towards more MAFIA and less STATE control and fail to Cure Corruption and Eradicate Terrorism.