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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Excessive Load Shedding & Power Riots in Punjab?

 اصل مسئلہ لوڈ شيڈنگ کا ہے اور وہ جوں کا توں رہے گا جب تک کچھ سخت فيصلے نہ کئے جائيں ?سب سے پہلے تو ہميں بجلي کے قومي ٹيرف کي بجائے علاقائي ٹيرف کو لاگو کرنا ہوگا?سادہ زبان ميں اس کا مطلب ہے کہ جو علاقہ جتني بجلي چوري کرے گا وہاں اتني ہي زيادہ لوڈ شيڈنگ ہو گي اور وہاں بجلي بھي اسي مناسبت سے مہنگي ہو گي?مثلاً اگر حيدر آباد ميں 30فيصد بجلي چوري ہوتي ہے يا اس کا بل ادا نہيں کيا جاتا تو اس 30فيصد چوري کي ريکوري بھي اسي شہر کے باسيوں سے کي جائے نہ کہ اس شہر سے جو 99فيصد بل ادا کرتا ہے ?طريقہ اس کا نہايت آسان ہے?بجلي چور شہر کا ٹيرف الگ ہواور وہاں بجلي اسي مناسبت سے مہنگي ہو جتني چوري ہوتي ہے ?اسي طرح شہر ميں لوڈ شيڈنگ کا تناسب بھي بجلي چوري کے حساب سے ہو?اس وقت بجلي چوري اور نا دہندگان کے خلاف ملک ميں کوئي پريشر گروپ نہيں ہے،يہ پاليسي نافظ کرنے سے بجلي چوري کے خلاف پريشر گروپ خود بخود وجود ميں آ جائيں گے اور لوڈ شيڈنگ ڈرامائي حد تک کم ہو جائے گي?
The Punjab government blames the federal government’s revengeful bias for what has happened. Power generation has dropped to a paltry 9,400MW against the total demand of 17,400MW in the country. But out of the 9,400MW, 600MW was diverted to the Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC). Line losses accounted for another 600MW that didn’t come to Punjab and there was understandable favour shown to the industrial sector & Karachi where loadshedding is much less.
Punjab is the biggest province but it is also the most at peace with itself. Line losses and non-payment of bills are the least here. 
According to estimates of NTDC, amount of more than Rs 39 billion is due on Sindh province, Rs 18 billion towards Balochistan, Rs 5 billion Punjab, Rs 10 billion Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Rs 16 billion Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province against electricity billing. So in reward punish Punjab with extra load shedding.

10 crore people of Punjab are suffering with hourly loading in Lahore and more in other cities while there is minimal load shedding in Karachi. They are our brothers, nothing against them.. but 
The government of Zardari, Raja & Co cannot be expected to do any good works, because their motto is : DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST REVENGE.
Power crisis is self created due to incompetence, corruption and negative attitude of ruling elite.

There are  ADs on TV with the message "Development of Sindh is Development for Pakistan". The indirect message is ALL OTHERS TO GO TO HELL!

Chief Minister of Punjab is running Tent Offices in protest, WHY cant't HE use the available governmental 
channels and forums to resolve the issue?
Protest is the option of common / helpless people. 
WHY CM PUNJAB IS HELPLESS? People like me voted for them to govern and resolve the problems, if he cannot do his duty he should quit !!!!! Let some one else to do the  job.... mere honesty and cosmetic media measures, shedding crocodile tears is not the job of LEADER. CM repeatedly claims that  Punjab is deprived of 700 megawatts of its genuine share to others [Sindh], in last 4 years Punjab besides suffering loss of billions, many factories closed down, creating joblessness and social, law and order problems. 

If the official channels fail to resolve the issue, The  CM Punjab should go to Supreme Court to get justice for 10 crore people of Punjab.

Or may we appeal to Honourable CJ to take sou-motto action, because our elected leaders have failed to resolve people's problems. Lahore JAP has already gone ot Lahore High Court http://dawn.com/2012/07/29/outages-at-sehr-iftar-challenged/

[Good news JAP has achieved what CM Punjab could not ..... LAHORE: July 30 2012, The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered to carry out uniform loadshedding in all four provinces, Geo News reported on Monday. The court was hearing a petition filed by Advocate Azhar Siddique against loadshedding during Sehri and Iftaar. During the hearing, Chief Justice LHC Umar Ata Bandial remarked that no discrimination should be done on the issue of loadshedding and ruled that it should be carried out on a uniform basis across the country. The Chief Justice LHC also referred to some newspaper stories regarding less loadshedding being carried out in areas where the prime minister and other ministers reside. The court, moreover, issued notices to the federal government, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and other concerned authorities for August 7. http://www.thenews.com.pk/article-61245-LHC-orders-uniform-loadsheddingShame on you CM Punjab, Zardari & Co  .... Courts Zindabad, 

PML N critics talk of its secret deal with Zardari to remain in power in Punjab even with lack of majority.

The rights of people of Punjab sacrificed for politics by accepting priority in CNG /Sui gas to others. While there is one day CNG break in other places its for 3 days in Punjab. 

Provincialism is rejected, Karachiates are our brothers, we are all Pakistanis, every one should be given fair and equal treatment, we should all share the  burden  equally.


The domestic consumers can not afford to delay electric bill, connection is disconnected instantly, but corrupt industrialists and government departments do not pay electric bills in billions. The Ministry of Water and Power and its subordinate institution have failed to maintain the huge volume of circular debt of Rs 783 billion and as a result power shortfall has increased up to 4,870 megawatts (MW), following once again prolonged hours of scheduled and unscheduled power load shedding across the country.

Sources in the Ministry of Water and Power revealed that because of non-recoveries from electricity consumers including provincial and federal governments, volume of circular debt has increased up to Rs 783 billion, including receivables of Rs 383 billion and Rs 400 billion as payable in their accounts.
PSO’s receivable from power sector including Water and Power Development Authority rose by Rs 56.123 billion, Hubco by Rs 107.179 billion and Kot Addu Power Company by Rs 31.483 billion, while Rs 6.561 billion is due on KESC till date.
Because of non-payment to fuel supply companies, the power generation of thermal power plant has been generating lower than the installed generation capacity due to non-availability of required volume of fuel.

Another reason for prolonged load shedding once again across the country, which has been observed, is long delays in payment to refineries by fuel supply companies.

PSO’s total payable to local refineries has crossed Rs 85.055 billion mark at present, payables to local refineries include Rs 24.939 billion to Pak-Arab Refinery Limited, Rs 16.060 billion to Pakistan Refinery Limited, Rs 9.53 billion to National Refinery Limited, Rs 31.708 billion to Attock Oil Refinery Limited, Rs 2.606 billion to Bosicor and Rs 389 million to others.

Electricity Power Crisis, Real or Created? Facts and Fiction
Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission ... Koh-e-Noor Energy Ltd, Lahore &n bsp; 131 MW ... Tapal Energy Limited, Karachi &n bsp; 126 MW ... But due to this fact all our industries are under severe crisis.
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An official source said that interest was recently expressed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in a meeting with the officials of the Thar Coal and Energy Board (TCEB). JICA asked TCEB officials to ...
Shedding crocodile tears: Outages at Sehr, Iftar reflect criminal negligence: Shahbaz: Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday said that worst loadshedding at the time of Sehr, Iftar and Taraveeh was reflective of criminal negligence of the federal government and incompetence of Zardari gang. The CM ...Full Story

Mismanagement, financial woes worsen power crisis

Soaring circular debt of power sector is more than Rs450 billion, which ... to power sector from thePSO by unanimously saying that fuel supply ...
پنجاب کے ساتھ زيادتي صدر زرداري کي وجہ سے ہو رہي ہے،شہباز شريف 

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