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Ideological Confusion - نظریاتی اور فکری کنفیوژن اور ممکنہ حل

"ہم ایک ایسے اسلامی تصور کا تعاقب کر رہے ہیں جو انسانیت، جمالیات، دانش اور روحانی عقیدت سے خالی ہے … جس کا تعلق طاقت سے ہے نہ کہ ر...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sufism and Peace

To counter the emergence of fundamentalism in Pakistan, the ruling classes as well as intellectuals are advocating the revival of sufism. However, it is evident that ideas and the system cannot be revived because fundamentalism is a product of a certain time and space and fulfills the needs of that age.Secondly, the very idea of revivalism indicates intellectual bankruptcy and lethargy of our intellectuals who are ...... continue reading.... http://goo.gl/dneuJ