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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pakistan: In the Mist of Strategic Terrorism

Warfare dominions have changed since more than a decade; Pakistan is under ferocious attack; what all is going on is an all-out aggression against Pakistan as a state; after every attack in Pakistan, point of views are discussed on hourly basis and disseminated on half hourly basis. Some standard analyses are tabulated below.
  • This was a serious security breach
  • Where the intelligence agencies are?
  • Law enforcing agencies are in efficient
  • Musharraf is responsible of all this!
  • All this is because of the corruption in masses from top to bottom
  • Defense budget must be discussed at length in the Parliament
  • Tomorrow there will be a strike followed by a DHARNA
  • Punjabi Taliban’s are involved in it
  • Interior Minister claims “ Backbone of Taliban has been broken”
  • Why we made Taliban’s in first place?
The dosage of above mentioned analyses is so strong and continuous that sleepless dreams also constitute same themes, incidents and messages. Out of the entire predicament, one thing is on dot and as per the plan, strategic encirclement of Pakistan. The most defining aspect of the said maneuver is rolling now, in other words we can say that “the said strategic encirclement is now in execution phase, coupled with strategic terrorism”. 
Point here is not to produce a horrifying document recounting yet another conspiracy theory against the state of Pakistan from outside. If this would have been the solution to the cancer we would have been cured much before the destruction of our strategic assets like P-3 Orion. Attack on Pakistan on the night 22nd May 2011 was a well-planned, rehearsed, coordinated and classically executed. What all financial and strategic loss Pakistan will bear is not the preposition to be discussed but the imperative is how Pakistan should defend itself in the face of this strategic terrorism? How Pakistan will convince the world that Pakistan is a nation capable of defending its nuclear arsenals?
Military lessons, Political Amrath Dharas and Administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been formulated and reformulated so many times in past, but Pakistan is still bleeding hard and stuck in this quagmire for a long time, than “What is missing”?
By and large all the state elements are under serious threat and most of them are performing inefficiently. In the latest form of warfare the most tangible segment is information war, privatization of this war machinery has proved to produce only an untamed monster, mincing money and ridiculing Pakistan in General. In strong nations media plays unprecedented role to recurvate “will to fight and survive as a nation” and with all due respect and without going into details generally this experiment has failed miserably”. This looks to be a too generalized and biased statement, but points to follow will be able to crystallize the exact requirement out of Executives, Legislators and Judiciary.
After declaring “WAR EMERGENCY” following actions are recommended to be done.

  • Complete Political leadership (in and outside parliament) with military leadership and Chief Justice need to sit and formulate a cohesive, coherent and comprehensive strategy against Strategic Terrorism
  • Immediate halt on statements by all politicians and dissemination of party point of view on naval catastrophe
  • Census be taken as an opportunity for pinpointing non Pakistanis and resolution be passed and enforced for their immediate deportation and if possible it should be coupled with de weaponing streets of Pakistan
  • Mechanism be formulated and efficiently enforced for uninterrupted trial of terrorists held in custody, setting examples for future
  • All intelligence agencies be ordered to re-organize their selves to fight this new facet of war with precision
  • Concept of community policing be introduced and enforced immediately especially in urban areas of the country through local body representatives
  • Training of civil defense and N.C.C must be started immediately for producing local countering forces at lower level
  • [NOT AGREED, DEBATABLE ?]Pakistani electronic media (with exception of some) is incapable of handling and executing the all-important information war, immediate seizure of complete media (News channels) must be enforced (at least for six months) to gain unanimity amongst the masses for effective tackling of the war, only state television to function with all its emphasis on National unity should operate with efficient and precise content management
Pakistan can prevail, even after losing 40000 Pakistanis in this war. This resolution of Pakistanis has made the terrorists to change their priority to strategic targets, sending clear message to the all national institutions of Pakistan. Time to respond with efficiency is the only way out or we will be history as so many nations are…………………..God Forbid