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Wake up Pakistan ! Presently the Muslim societies are in a state of ideological confusion and flux. Materialism, terrorism,...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Don't be Deceived, Know the real enemies of Humanity & Peace, Raise Voice against Tyranny & Oppression..

Pakistan's Paradox-Leadership Crisis :

Did Jinnah, a civilized and urbane man if he was anything, create Pakistan so that these humbugs, supported by our friends in the military – let us never forget this crucial nexus – should preach right and wrong to us? ..... Our highest temples should have been raised to education and science, art and invention, sports and culture. We should have justified Partition by outperforming the rest of the sub-continent.... Full story >>>
ecularism debate
Unthought thoughts
Killing on personal whims reveals the violent mentality that lurks beneath the calm veneer of silent majority in the Pakistani society
By Aziz Ali Dad
The elevation of Salmaan Taseer’s assassin to the status of a hero and justification of the murder by a vast section of society show a mindset that is totally out of sync with modern times. When a society relapses into primitive state of nature, it paves the way for its own demise. Moreover, it clearly shows the descent of our society into an anarchic state where the only rule is the law of jungle.
In the state of nature, individual will remains dominant and the collective will does not emerge. In such a state, in the words of Thomas Hobbes, “man is a wolf on a fellow man, a state of war of everyone against everyone.” To end the uncertainty and insecurity of life in the state of nature, humankind entered into a social contract, in which the individual surrendered its will to form a collective will. The collective will played a pivotal role in the emergence of society, culture, state, religion, law, industry and vocations of different kinds.

Funny Jokers of Political Circus:  

For our politicians Pakistan is one big circus. MQM is developing a specialty in acrobatics, somersaults to be specific – forward, backward and sideway somersaults plus 360 degree flips, feet over head. PML(N) is becoming a pack full of tightrope walkers some walking along thin ropes while others perform publicity stunts specifically designed to attract attention of voters – nothing much else. ..... JUI has assembled a trained bunch of jugglers...  Our ringmaster has all the political authority in the world and yet little political responsibility – best of the best some would argue... The fact remains that Pakistan is burning. ..We all know what Pakistanis need: personal security, economic security and dispensation of justice. Some of our democrats actually believe that democracy is the ‘art of running the circus from the monkey cage’. And then there are some who fiercely complain that Pakistani TV has turned our democracy into a circus. To be sure, the circus was already there, Pakistani TV just shows day-in-day-out that not all performers are up to the mark..... Read Full ...

Use of Sindh Card — when, how and why!

With April 11 set by the Supreme Court for hearing of the NRO review petition and appointment of judges cases, the PPP strategy to go for an open, full-scale confrontation with the apex court is now a declared policy. The stage has been set for the final showdown, a path the PPP bigwigs have, hopefully, chosen after careful thinking and deliberations. This strategy could become a make-or-break decision for the current PPP leadership and appears to be a desperate move. But one thing is certain: the Supreme Court has been pushed into this battle and it has no option but to win as the survival of the whole judicial system has been put at stake besides the honour, integrity and even survival of the judges themselves. Read full >>>>

Let there be an end to drone attacks:

Started with a slow pace, the drone attacks have taken a heavy toll of human lives in tribal areas of Pakistan. In so far over 250 drone attacks since 2004, thousands of innocent Pakistanis have either lost their lives, wounded or disabled. Over the last two years, the frequency of drone attacks has increased manifold. On March 17, 2011, a CIA driven US drone attack killed forty-six innocent tribal of the Madakhel tribe in Dattakhel, North Waziristan Agency. None of the jirga participant belonged to any militant outfits, rather they gathered to settle a local dispute as per the tribal customs......Read full >>>..

MQM-Narrow moves: 
  • Nadeem Paracha traces the changing ideological shifts of MQM . The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is one of the most enigmatic political parties. It has been enjoying overwhelming support in Karachi and Hyderabad ever since the late 1980s, in the process becoming perhaps the country’s first true urban party with a significant middle and lower-middle class support and leadership. Beginning life as a representative of urban Sindh’s Urdu-speakers (Mohajirs), the MQM, at least in theory, shed its ethnic make-up in 1997, even though its core support still stems from the Mohajir community....

  • Why Nayyar need not worry: Zafar Hilaly: Kuldip Nayyar, the eminent Indian journalist and tireless protagonist for better India-Pakistan relations, told an audience in Islamabad the other day that peace between the two countries was vital. Otherwise, he added, “I feel Pakistan will move ...
  • White man’s burden, again? Amir Zia : The flawed and twisted concept of “white man’s burden” was once used by imperial European nations as a justification to vanquish and rule the non-white people in the name of “progress and civilisation” in far-flung regions. This Western-centric. ...... The colonial era is no more, but the false moral justifications to launch new wars have not changed in this age of neo-colonialism. The white man’s burden of yesteryears of carrying the cross in the name of progress and civilisation has now been replaced by the mantra of teaching virtues of democracy, freedom and human rights to the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America – through direct or indirect cold-blooded military interventions... The swift manner in which Security Council went into action on Libya stands in contrast to many other bigger conflicts on which the world body has been dragging its feet decade after decade. Israeli atrocities on Palestinians, especially in Gaza, in recent years, the continued Indian subjugation and repression of the people of Kashmir are two of the protracted conflicts on which the Security Council chose to play a limited role, despite all the killings and human rights abuses. ............ The Libyan conflict also remains a bad news for moderate and pro-democracy forces, which are fighting against the tide of extremism and militancy in countries such as Pakistan. They stand weakened as the west continues to interfere and interrupt in the natural evolution of Muslim societies – most of which remain unprepared for the Western-style democracy because of their particular social, economic, political and religious background. ....... It is high time for the Western nations to come out of their mindset of “white man’s burden,” which can only intensify conflicts in this day and age of powerful individuals, who have the ability and capacity to take on the world powers and keep the pot on the boil. The rulers and the elite of majority of the Muslim countries may be in the pocket of the Western powers, but not the Muslim street. It will react and strike back. ....Full Story
  • Fault lines Raoof Hasan Pakistan has been lacerating with gaping fault lines ever since its inception. These scars, over time, have become deep wounds because of two factors. First, their continuation served the interests of the traditional ruling elite who did not (and do not) favour any fundamental change. Second, if ever there was a remedy prescribed, it was never administered because of pre-emptive derailment. Today, Pakistan is like a patient gasping for breath and in urgent need of multiple surgeries, but there is no physician available who appears capable and willing to initiate the needful procedures. ........ The spectre of corruption is all-pervasive. The allegations, even embarrassing findings by the judiciary, have been handled with arrogance and impunity. No genuine remedial steps have been undertaken to contain the damage. Instead, the propensity to show defiance in preference to compliance has been crudely on display. This has contributed to further strengthening the criminal mafias, patronised by key members of the ruling elite, which are holding the government hostage to their whims, fancies and self-righteous practices..................... Of late, a new dimension has been added to this woeful picture. Political leaderships, hailing from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, have come up with divergent recipes for combating the country’s ills. ..........  In short, the moral, legal and constitutional edifice of the state has suffered a total collapse. The legislature has defected. The toothless government survives in defiance of the judiciary. Law and order has touched an all-time low. Political leaderships are clueless as to the problems of the country and are proposing a divergent mix of remedies, mostly at odds with each other. There is an abdominal absence of the requisite democratic culture. With energies consumed, spirit exhausted, frustrations mounting and time fast running out, is there still a way out?
  • The crusaders are back. ....... Are we at the beginning of a grand reconfiguration of the entire region? Are we at the beginning of a new world order in which Europe will claim its share of Muslim world along with the United States of America? If yes, then who is next? Syria is the obvious choice, as Yemen is too poor and too remote and all the other countries are already client states. .......... Imagine a new Middle East under western control, with all its oil and riches serving the masters. Imagine the fate of some one billion Muslims whose lives will be reconfigured in a manner they cannot even imagine. And the irony of this situation is countries like Pakistan, which can really play a role in stopping these new crusaders, are mired in an endless drama of no consequence.........
  • Turkey reluctantly joins mly campaign against Libya
·        China pushes ahead Pakistan nuclear plant expansion“Safety is also a major concern...reactors at Chashma...are derived from designs dating back to the 1970s."
·        Bahrain spillover to spread to Pakistan? : The Shia-Sunni tensions in Bahrain are couched in a wider Saudi Arabia-Iran struggle for influence in the ME.

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Pakistan, Leadership Crisis :

Did Jinnah, a civilized and urbane man if he was anything, create Pakistan so that these humbugs, supported by our friends in the military – let us never forget this crucial nexus – should preach right and wrong to us? ..... Our highest temples should have been raised to education and science, art and invention, sports and culture. We should have justified Partition by outperforming the rest of the sub-continent.... Full story >>>