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Pakistan , India Conflict 2019

Indian Prime Minister  Modi’s actions, which have led to the shadow of war looming over the sub-continent were to achieve victory in the election in April for the simple reason that these actions have achieved nothing else. Modi’s lack of evolutionary growth as not just a leader, but as a humanitarian is evident, however, lest the selfish interests of a man looking to deceive his nation are prioritised above the survival of a billion and a half innocent Pakistanis and Indians, most without enough food to eat, it will lay testament to not just our lack of evolutionary growth as a people, but our fall into something beneath the human kind.  Keep reading ..... [........]

Our Captured, Wounded Hearts: Arundhati Roy On Balakot, Kashmir And India ....[...... ]

DELHI IN DISNEYLANDBy Fahd Hussain In a span of one week, India dropped its payload, its military reputation and its moral standing. What a week for Narendra Modi and his plans to dominate the escalatory and electoral ladders…