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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rejoinder to "Blazing Saddles in Pakistan: By Spengler"

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air strike on Pakistani frontier outposts prompted Islamabad to stop resupply of NATO forces in Afghanistan, leaving Washington to apologize for the ''unintended tragic'' deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers. Rather than calling Pakistan to account for the attack on the American embassy in Kabul by the al-Haqqani network, ...... ''Pakistan must be our friend'' because it has nuclear weapons. America can't do without Pakistan, that is, because if Pakistan breaks up, nuclear weapons might reach the hands of terrorists. ..... The only way to make Pakistan behave is to convince Islamabad that it will be torn apart if it does not accommodate American demands. Absent the threat of encirclement and dismemberment,........ From America's vantage point, a disorderly collapse of Pakistan into a failed state is a better outcome than a strong central government that sponsors terrorism. At worst, a prolonged civil conflict between American-backed elements of the Pakistani military and Islamist radicals would leave the radicals weaker than they are now. ....... The simplest solution to the problem of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is to frighten the Pakistani army into eliminating the prospective terrorists who might use them. The second-best solution is to send the American army into Pakistan and take the nuclear weapons away. .... Pakistan has been truncated before, when it lost Bangladesh. It could happen again. The object is not to dismember Pakistan, but rather to persuade Islamabad to behave. If this seems harsh, it is worth recalling that Washington has done this sort of thing before. The Reagan administration did its best to prolong the Iran-Iraq war. ......
Read full article http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/MK29Df03.html

It is historic fact that opponent of Muslims has always been very strong militarily. If the numerical, economic and physical strength is the ONLY factor then Islam would have vanished at Badar. Military preparedness and weaponry is required but the ultimate victory is granted by Allah to those believers who are sincere in the His cause and have full Faith in Him. Pakistan must be prepared for all contingencies, its is normally taught in the military training schools and colleges, practiced in war games... Enemy reactions to your actions... your counter reactions to enemy  actions and so on..... The 5th largest military power of 180 million 'spiritually charged people' with nuclear weaponry should not behave  timidly. It can not only  defend the country well against any aggression but teach a befitting lesson to aggressors; IF the leadership sets personal example, unite the people and have faith in Allah ...


Former US Senator tells it like it is without any sugar coating. The US has lost its way morally. Worth watching.

Without war outside the USA, there would be war inside.

There is another civil war in the melting pot of America, and it simmers.
A recent survey conducted shows that one in three people are as stupid as the other two.
Corporations need money, war means business, business is money.
“I like the US. But at the same time I think my country is an imperial country that is going downhill, and our leadership does not even acknowledge the problem,”
“In Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Vietnam at the era, all American soldiers died in vain,”
 New American policies enable US military or security officials to take a decision and dispatch a drone to kill a suspect without trial – together with all civilians who happen to be close to the target, Gravel says.“The morality of that is removing responsibility – those who drop bombs [from remotely operated robot drones] do not see people die,”
President Barack Obama is 

“guilty of crimes against humanity after the operation in Libya and the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq”

“Iran is neither Syria nor Lebanon. Iran is a proud nation and they have missile capabilities – not nuclear-capable – that can rain down on Tel Aviv. I can tell you: if they are attacked – they would attack back. And [because] Israel is so vulnerable and so small that it [Israel] would retaliate with nukes – because they cannot suffer to be destroyed,”

Get under the red, white and blue, and take the oath of allegiance.
_ We shall fight for freedom; and subjugate others.
_ We shall have the right to speak; and gag others.
_ Should anyone not agree with us, we shall have the right to call 

him ignorant, paranoid, and a hippie;

_ And we shall have the right to spice it up with a dash of 


'We' do not know the guy. Maybe he teaches history somewhere.
Maybe not!
But 'we' are the Americans'We' are always right. The media told 'us' 


With apologies!