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Friday, June 24, 2011

A foolish friend


"Wise enemy is batter than a foolish friend" says some wise guy. Mr.Nawaz Sharif through his stupidity was twice kicked out as Prime Minister of Pakistan, he has not learnt any lesson. Pakistan  paid heavy price for his fooloies, Musharaf ruled for 9 years, followed by Zardari, the most corrupt and inefficient leader ever ruled this country. He has secured his position for next term if all goes well as per his plan. He has shown his real face to Nawaz Shrif,  who wanted Zardari to complete 5 years term for sake of 'democracy, product of 45% bogus votes! Its high time for Mr.Sharif to spare this country and give leadership of PML [n] to some one batter...... if there is one...