Kashmir Options

Kashmir is an incomplete agenda of partition of India. Since 1947, India and Pakistan have fought three wars on this issue. According to UN resolutions, Kashmiris have to decide their accession to Pakistan or India through impartial plebiscite, which could not take place due to Indian reluctance. Recently, India revoked Article 370 of the Constitution, which granted special autonomous status to Kashmir, it was done to unilaterally integrate occupied Kashmir. This is a violation of the UN resolutions and the Simla bilateral agreement, which demands to maintain status quo until the final settlement. The US and world powers are emphasizing that Kashmir should be resolved bilaterally, though India has refused to hold talks with Pakistan. In the present scenario, while India has turned Kashmir into the largest prison of 9 million people, denying basic human rights and oppressing the Kashmiris' who want freedom from India, Pakistan cannot watch as a silent spectator. Nuclear armed India and Pakistan are closer to war. Jihad becomes obligatory for the Muslims to help the oppressed people of Kashmir. The tense situation requires an in-depth analysis to explore possible options..... [........]


1 Introduction:

2 The Crusade:

3.US-Israel-India Nexus

4. Third Jewish Temple


6.Amendment of Interim Constitution of AJ&K:

7. International Response

8.Is Pakistan Isolated?

9.Jihad and Qital (Combat , Warfare) :

   a.Responsibility of State:

   b.International Treaties:

   c. The Holy Qur’an on Jihad (Qital):

   d. Rules of Jihad - Warfare

   e. Principles of Conduct:

10. Options for Pakistan:

11. Simple Acts of Jihad: 


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