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DHA City Lahore Scam - Gen JQB, Remove the Stigma ڈی ایچ اے لاہور سٹی پراجیکٹ سکینڈل

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Gen JQB, Remove the Stigma ... We are Not Thieves &  Plunderers!

People  of Pakistan love and respect #PakArmy. Hundreds of soldiers and officers have laid down their lives for defence of Pakistan so that ordinary people can live peacefully in safe and secure environments. Nation is highly indebted, only Allah will reward them in paradise. Old parents, young widows and orphans of Shaheeds face daunting task to live with memories of loved ones. Army does its best to look after them, one of the steps include provision of housing assistance through plots at DHA (Defence Housing Authority) in major cities, DHA City Lahore was one of such projects, involving civilians for management of resources.
We are fully aware that there is zero tolerance in Army for corruption. In case of any lapse the strict accountability system comes into play to deal with the culprits strictly, obviously not much publicised in media. Howeve…