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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Imran Khan and PTI ? 5ive things attracting people in Punjab

Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf Tsunami is hitting hard the far flung areas and districts of Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan.
Surprisingly, Khan and his party are attracting large audiences all across the province, which considered to be a stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.
As election day gets near, the excitement and heat go up and up with the PTI gatherings. Besides charisma of Imran Khan, following things could be called important factors attracting such large audiences.

Hope of Change
Various surveys show that people are tensed about worsening economic condition, lawlessness and unemployment.
PTI processions aimed at addressing these things with big promises of eradicating alleged corrupt and unjust system of the country.
So hope drifts people towards Tsunami gatherings.
Imran Khan’s persona
It could be called the base of PTI processions allover the country especially in Punajb, which is the main area of interest for the party.
Personal attraction and hot speeches from Khan have been a main source to gather large number of people.
 Volunteers Base
Another major magnet to attract people towards PTI programs even in scathing heat is its dedicated volunteers network.

Working day and night to run election campaigns even on their own expenses, is a type of thing which is enjoyed only a couple parties like Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan.

Religious Values
Its bit contradictory, but the overall wording and environment also integrate Islamic values in the gatherings. Even some anthems provoke religious sentiment towards change in the system.
Quoting Islamic personalities in speeches of Imran Khan is common, so giving people with religious mindset reason to get closer with PTI.

The PTI gatherings or Jalsas provide a unique blend of entertainment with theme-based songs and anthems enthralling the supporters.
You feel motivated and excited while attending PTI gatherings, and these are the things required to win an election.

But the question could be asked: is attracting such large audiences helpful in winning election or not? And answer to this question will be clear only on May 11, the election day.