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Monday, September 3, 2012

Illogical Logic of Takfiri Taliban to kill innocent people- Refuted

Takfiri Taliban Pakistan through a letter to press tried to justify their immoral, illogical and  un-Islamic war against the state of Pakistan and its people.  Following points have been raised to justify killing of about 35,000 innocent Muslims including  women, children, civilians young & old and soldiers: 
1.   It is justified to fight against believing Muslims, because there was fighting among early Muslims.
2. After defeat of USSR the Jihad in Afghanistan was not against USSR or USA, it was against the Muslims of Afghanistan, the Mujahedin who  had fought against USSR. This was justified through Fatwas by Ulema [Islamic Scholars] on the grounds of implementation of Shariah rule in Afghanistan. If Jihad was justified against pious Mujahedeen of Afghanistan, why it is not justified against people of Pakistan who are neither Mujahedeen nor scholars of Islam?
If some non Muslims would have given such logic to justify mass murders, one might excuse him being ignorant, but such argument from those claiming to be pious and learned Muslims reflect nothing but their total ignorance to Quran, Sunnah & Islamic history. Keep reading >>> 

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