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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pakistan - Views and Reviews-0311

Baluchistan height of barbarity: By I.A Rehman
THE Pakistani establishment’s love of the grotesque is apparently incurable. Instead of talking to the people of Balochistan about their raw...More >>>

Not yet on the brink: 
PAKISTAN is probably the country whose demise is predicted most frequently and nervously. David Kilcullen, an American-based guerilla warfare expert, wrote the most apocalyptic (and inaccurate) obituary back in 2009: collapse within months. Political scientists, wiser than narrowly focused warfare experts, are less impetuous. Read full >>>
Drone attacks - where do we stand?
There has been a policy shift by the government regarding the victims of US drone attacks in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata). It isn’t a major change and is apparently a one-time decision aimed at calming the people enraged by the repeated missile strikes by the CIA-operated Predator and Reaper planes in Pakistani territory and the civilian casualties that are caused in these targeted killing raids. Read full >>>>

While the international community rightly worries about extremism in the Middle East, we are giving a pass to a dangerous development: the rise of religion-based hatred in Europe, America and India. I would like to seize this opportunity to draw EU’s attention to a dangerous development that needs to be arrested and eliminated in its infancy. We still have time to support the good work of civil society groups in these three regions to stop this trend. Read full>>>>

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